Office Visits and Information

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Your Initial Visit
The purpose of this visit is to gather information necessary to form a treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms.  A full medical history will be taken, including family and environmental history.  After the history is taken, a physical exam will be performed.  If allergy testing is indicated it will be done at this visit if possible.  After all information is gathered, we will discuss with you our recommendations, and therapeutic plan.  Follow-up visits will be scheduled.
  To facilitate the efficiency of our business office, please bring your insurance ID card at the initial visit.
Allergy Tests
Skin tests may be performed, either on your back or arms.  Small plastic pics will scratch your back.  They are not painful.  Children, especially young children, may be frightened of the tests, and they may seem to "hurt" more than older children or adults.

Skin testing can usually be accomplished in one visit, and will usually last about 1 hour. It is necessary that all antihistamines be stopped 72 hours prior to skin testing.
Allergy Injections
(Hyposensitization, Immunotherapy, "Allergy" Shots)
Some patients may need allergy injections as part of their treatment for an allergic disorder. You may receive these injections in any of our offices, or we will send your allergic treatment set ("Allergy Extract" or "Vaccine") to your primary physician for administration under his supervision. It is necessary to remain in the waiting room for 25 minutes after the injection in case of a reaction.
Office Visits, Emergencies
Patients are seen in this office by appointment. Follow-up visits and the occasional "sick" visits will be necessary to assess your progress, and we ask that you call the office for an appointment.

However, if you have an urgent medical problem, notify us immediately. If you are unable to contact us or you cannot wait for the doctor to return your call, go directly to the nearest emergency room.

We would like to recommend that you arrive for your appointment several minutes early in order to avoid delays. Although we do all we can to keep on time, there are occasional, unexpected occurences that cause us to run behind schedule. We do respect your time and regret delays. At times, emergencies arise that make it necessary to reschedule appointments. We are sure that you will understand if this does occur. If you make an appointment and are unable to keep it, please call us as far in advance as possible so that we can use the time for other patients.
Telephone Calls
Your phone calls will be answered by our receptionist or nurse. In many cases she will be able to assist you herself, but in any event, she must be thoroughly advised of the problem so that she can determine what help is needed. As necessary, your call will be returned. During office hours, calls may not be returned until late morning or very late in the afternoon.

When the office is closed, calls will be forwarded by the answering service to the doctor, and he will return your call at any time for problems that cannot wait.
Prescription Refills
Most allergy and asthma medications are marked so that they can be refilled simply by calling your pharmacist. Prescription refills requiring our authorization will be renewed during office hours so your chart may be reviewed. Please furnish the receptionist with your pharmacy's telephone number. Yearly visits are required for prescription refills.
The cost of an allergy evaluation will vary depending on your specific problem. Although it is impossible to know the exact charges in advance, we can give you a general idea of the cost before you are seen. Please feel free to talk to our receptionist regarding any financial matters.
Payment & Insurance
We file for insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients. For patients who have met their deductible, we ask that you pay your copay or coinsurance amount at the time of the appointment (if applicable). For patients who have not met their deductible, we ask that you pay your deductible and your copay/coinsurance amount. To the extent that your insurance company reimburses us, we will either refund any overpayment or bill you for the balance. For your convenience we accept payments by cash, personal check, Visa, and Mastercard.

If you belong to a PPO, PPC, HMO, etc., with which we participate, co-payments and deductibles are expected to be paid at the time of service.

Please note: Itemized statements will be furnished upon request after full payment is received from your insurance company.
No Shows & Cancellations
Please realize that when patients fail to keep scheduled appointments, or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, it keeps other patients from seeing our physicians. These may be patients with pressing medical needs, or who have scheduling conflicts at other times.

Please be considerate of your fellow patients and our staff by calling us to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. That way, we can call another patient who has been waiting to see us or calls with an emergent need.

We understand that everyone has unforeseen conflicts and emergencies. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible when you can't keep your appointment.  We reserve the right to charge the patient or reassess their relationship with the practice.